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Refurbished vs Second Hand Laptops

Back To School Time

This is the time that a lot of parents are looking at picking up a second hand laptop for kids to use as a homework machine for the new term.

Refurbished vs Second Hand Laptops

On this post I want to run over the pros and cons of buying a refurbished laptop vs a 2nd hand laptop.

Both are used computers of varying, price, age and condition.

At Computroon as well as selling the latest models of brand new laptops, we have a selection of refurbished laptops.  Some are classed as “Factory Grade A” which we source from distributors and occasionally some have been refurbished by ourselves.

Refurb – Safe & Legal

A refurbished computer means that the machine has been vigorously tested for both performance and safety. If any components fail our bench mark diagnostic tests, the part is replaced. Fans are cleaned, power supply units are tested for risk of shock and the computer is installed with it’s original operating system, correct drivers and Windows Updates.

Second Hand – Take Your Chance

A second hand computer bought privately may turn out to be an incredibly good deal. However too often we see machines coming in for repair that have been bought second hand, and they simply aren’t fit for purpose. Usually they are loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate (in other words – illegal pirate software). Unsafe power chargers, failed hard drives, faulty motherboards, etc. laptop_refurb

Consumer Rights

The big difference is the warranty. We (as do most reputable computer shops) provide a full 12 month warranty to give you absolute piece of mind that the computer you are buying is in great working order. The “RTB warranty” terms mean that whether the computer is a Factory Grade A or one of our refurbished machines, if the hardware fails – you bring it back.

Buying privately whether from a classified ad or social media “Buy & Sell” page means that you as a buyer have very little if not any consumer rights. “Sold as seen” is the term used for these transactions. Unless you meet with the seller and they agree to let you sit in their house and run the computer for a a few hours, checking the temperature, running full diagnostic software on the machine, you really don’t know what you are getting.

From Another Angle

We can compare this to buying a second hand car. You may well get lucky buying privately, but again it could be a few days before you realise that there is in fact a serious fault with the car. car_break

Buy from a dealer, and you get a full 12 month warranty. It is in the dealer’s interest to have their mechanics service the vehicle and their legal responsibility to ensure that it is safe and legal to use.

Another retail comparison we can use is charity shops. Ever wonder why charity shops will not sell any type of electrical equipment? Health & Safety laws insist on electrical goods being checked to meet British & European standards.

If you buy privately none of these checks are carried out and there is a risk of shock or fire.

Don’t Let Us Put You Off Buy & Sell Sites

I am not implying that any private purchase of a laptop is going to result in the kids getting electrocuted or the house burning down. As I’ve said already there are some great bargains and deals on  buy & sell pages.

The sole purpose of this post was to highlight the difference between buying goods “as seen” or from a reputable dealer.


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