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Bullguard Price Increase

At Computroon we have sold Bullguard Internet Security at the same price for quite a few years now. We have stuck with the price of £25 for the full 1 year license that covers 3 PCs.

Over the past few years as the cost price has risen we have stuck with the original price of £25 until now. (although the RRP has always been in the £39-£49 bracket) bullguard_logo_blog

Unfortunately now if we continued selling this product at £25 we would be making a loss on every unit sold. Therefore it is with regret that we have to announce a price increase for this product.

From Monday 9th of February the price will rise to £29. Compared to the direct online price of £49, this is still considered to be a very good deal.

This still leaves us with virtually no margins but we are committed to offering what we believe is the best product of it’s type to our customers, at the most competitive price.

Personally I see Internet Security as a kind of tax! A computer tax. If you don’t have it, then it will end up costing more to have virus’s removed from your computer every few weeks. For this reason I made the decision a few years ago to keep our internet security software as close as possible to cost price. 

Share The Cost

Do you run Bullguard on only one computer? Share the cost! I think it’s a great idea that many of my customers share the license with friends or family that also only have one computer. When they come into the shop and say “it’s my turn to buy the Bullguard this year”. This is great because the product license covers 3 computers. Sharing the license with friends means you only have to purchase every 3rd year.

9 Days Notice before Price Increase

We will continue selling Bullguard Security at £25 until Monday 9th February when the price will increases to £29. This notice is to allow you to purchase a copy this week at the old price. If your not due to update yet, it doesn’t matter – when you purchase a copy and enter the license number – it will add 365 days on to the amount of days you have now.

Why Bullguard

Over the years we have stocked various market leading internet security software programs. Every October I spend a lot of time reviewing different products as this is when they are released. There are a few main factors to take into account such as price, end-user-friendly GUI, low resource usage, but most of all great protection. Bullguard ticks all the boxes so it is a product that we do believe in and recommend highly.




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