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Computroon Website Over The Past 16 Years

Computroon Website Over The Past 16 Years

The website for the shop has been upgraded again. Here we take a look back at some previous layouts over the years. When viewing these it reminds me how important it is to keep reinventing the site to keep in-line with current trends and technologies.

In 16 years, the internet has changed. In the beginning it was simply about having an online presence. Allowing the very few households that actually had a dial-up modem to load your page and print it off for future reference to save the expense of reconnecting their modem to view it again!

We have kind of gone a full circle

We have kind of gone a full circle from the point of view of a web site designer. There was a time when low quality graphics were choice because on old dial-up and ISDN, the general rule was that if a web page didn’t load fully within 30 seconds, the user may lose interest and navigate away.

Next it was all about Flash animation. Snappy looking content that could be encoded down to load quickly. (with Flash content came the virus’s though).

As broadband speeds got faster, web designers were allowed the privilege of using higher definition graphics and heavier content.

CSS and PHP were new script types that replaced the old HTML as the “norm”. This was a massive turning point in website development. Faster loading dynamic content was the way forward.

the full circle

But now we have gone the full circle and have to optimise sites to load quickly on mobile phones! However as 4G will soon become the “norm” for mobile devices, sites will again be allowed to contain heavier graphics and content.

So here is the new Computroon website: Version 2015:

A look back at some of our previous site layouts. Graphics on some images are missing due to the various web scripts I have used over the years.

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Images taken from the internet time-machine that is WayBackThen View old versions of any web page. (But beware – it’ll make you feel old)!




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