2015 Tech Review

So what’s going to be making waves in the world of information technology for 2015? 2015_graphic

Instead of making my own predictions as to what will be big in 2015, I will simply highlight some of the main features that are being discussed within the channel.

Windows 10 Release

Microsoft will release the new operating system Windows 10 later in the year. Since the release of the very ambitious but unpopular Windows 8 platform back in 2012, competitors such as Apple & Google have gained ground and increased their market share. We expect Microsoft to fight back with the release of their new OS. The new system will be rolled out with various versions aimed at PCs, mobile phones and handheld tablet devices. A whole new generation of Windows 10 tablets could rival the current dominant iPad and Android devices. Release date expected mid-year sometime.

Tech Gadgets

4k TVs, flying drones and 3D printers have been around in 2014. There is a lot of discussion within the channel on all of these pieces of tech becoming more accessible in 2015 as prices drop. (additionally with the 4k TVs as more content becomes available). 3D printers may not become commonplace in every household any time soon. But the chances are, you will all soon know someone that owns one.

More Wifi connectivity within everyday household appliances is expected. For example “Smart Fridges” are already on sale. It seems ridiculous that you can use your fridge to make phone calls but these devices are already available. What we expect is an increase in appliances to come with connectivity features as standard.


We expect the price gap to grow between basic laptops and higher end laptops. Basic laptops designed for general home use such as internet, video streaming & running basic apps will become cheaper. The cheaper end processors are becoming more capable of running video streaming and Office applications. This combined with operating systems such as Windows 8.1 Bing which Microsoft are putting out free of charge will result in cheaper laptops becoming cheaper.

Higher performance laptops for “power users” will continue to develop.

Decentralized Internet

It may not be 2015, but big changes are on the way for a decentralised internet. The idea is fantastic and the improvements could be massive. I expect to be writing more blog posts on this subject as it develops. For now I will try and summarise.

There are companies and organisations around the world currently reinventing the internet. Moving the internet away from traditional central servers. The benefits include faster speeds on busier sites and far better security.

It may be a surprise to many who are unaware that one of the companies at the forefront of this new internet, are based here in Troon with their offices on Templehill. If you have ever driven past the MaidSafe building and wondered what they do in there, well they are busy, building a new and safer internet. Link to Tom Cheshire’s article on SkyNews.


Best wishes to all for the New Year.

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