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Support: Use Our Handy Home Page

We have created a handy page with useful links to use as your Home Page when you launch Internet Explorer (or any other browser). The page contains links to Email Servers, News Sites, Travel Links, Local Sites, Facebook, etc. The stats show that over 2500 users currently use this as their starting page for the […]

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Support: Renew Bullguard Licence

To renew your Bullguard licence here are the simple steps. Either purchase the new licence online from Bullguard or buy from Computroon. Our price is £25 for the 1 Year 3 PC Licence. Open up the Bullguard Software.                   The licence only gets submitted once. If you […]

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News: eBay Cyber Attack

Internet Security Alert Users of eBay are being reminded to change their passwords for the site following a hack into their system. If any of our customers use eBay we recommend following the advice and logging in to change your passwords. If you use eBay and use the same password for different websites then we recommend […]

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News: Lightning Storm In Troon

Monday’s (19/05/14) thunder & lightning storm has caused damage to home PCs & routers. All week we have been hearing of the damage caused by lightning power spikes. Computer and other circuit sensitive electrical appliances should be connected through a mains surge protector. However the big problem this week hasn’t been power surge damage through […]

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News: Dundonald Games 2014

For the last few years Computroon has been a proud supporter and sponsor of the annual Dundonald Games. This year the Dundonald Games celebrate their 25th Anniversary. We wish them every success with the event and recommend this as a great family day with plenty of attractions. This year the event is on the 9th of August. For […]

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Support: Windows XP Security Advice

If you are still running a computer with Windows XP, here are a few quick tips. Do not use Internet Explorer. (IE 8 can not protect your information or withstand the current Malware / Virus threats) Do not use your XP computer for online shopping or banking. (in other words avoid entering your bank or […]

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Support: Install Your Printer

A FAQ we get involves installing printers or resolving problems with printers. So here goes… follow these steps to successfully install / re-install your printer. Step 1: Do NOT attach the USB cable to the computer. (yet) Step 2: Run the disc you got with the printer. Follow the onscreen instructions. Step 3: When the program asks […]

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Support: Bullguard on 2nd & 3rd PCs

The Bullguard Internet Security suite is a 3 PC licence. The licence activation code on the sticker on the back of the disc is only submitted once (on computer 1) To activate on the 2nd and 3rd computer, install the program by running the disc or clicking link for 60 day trial (on the banner […]

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Support: Remove Old Internet Security

Having more than one Internet Security program running on your computer can cause a lot of problems and seriously compromise the security of your system and data. Before installing Bullguard Internet Security (or any IS suite) it is necessary to remove the previous program that you had installed. Have a look on my support links page […]

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