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November, 2018

Use Windows Powershell To Display RAM Inside Computer

Display Memory Type Using Windows Powershell

How to show the type & speed of the RAM in your computer using Windows Powershell. Open Windows Powershell as Administraor. To do this right-click the Start Menu and click Windows Powershell (Admin) ¬†Copy the text code above. Paste into Powershell then hit enter on the keyboard. So within the Powershell (blue command box) CTRL […]

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Windows 10 Update 1809 Autumn 2018

It’s that time again, twice yearly Microsoft release a big update to the Windows 10 OS. This update (1809) has started rolling out mid-November 2018. Although now as major as the Spring 1803 update, there are a few new features which will be included. Key features: Dark / Light Theme. May not be very exciting […]

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Telephone Scam Alert – Can You Hear Me?

Phone Rings – Pause – Can You Hear Me? The “can you hear me” scam is currently sweeping the UK. Here’s how this scam works. Your phone rings (home or mobile). You answer it and there is a pause. Then you hear the voice saying “can you hear me”?, and again “can you hear me”? […]

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