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August, 2018

Quick Help – Fill & Sign PDF File In Adobe Reader

Another Quick Help video for the archive which explains how to complete and sign a PDF document in Adobe Reader. Documents such as application forms and contract renewals often arrive via email and you are required to fill them in and sign before returning. Here are the instructions on a quick-support video to demonstrate how […]

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Quick Tip – Remove Focused & Other From Outlook

If you use Outlook email, your inbox will have updated by now to the latest generation of the UI. One of the new features is the hugely unpopular Focused & Other feature. The inbox splits itself in two and attempts to filter actual emails from people against automated emails such as advertising or social media […]

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Tip To Save Mobile Data

Cut Down On Excess Mobile Data Charges Most mobile phone contracts allow you to use a certain amount of mobile data. If you exceed the allowance, you can expect quite an increase in your bill. Options There is the option to switch off mobile data on your device and only switch it on when you […]

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Display World Time Clock In Windows 10

Add A World Clock To Your Desktop If you have friends or family abroad that you regularly Skype or Facetime, you’ll have a good idea what is the best time to call due to world time zones. Here’s a quick tip which involves adding an additional time zone to your home computer. This means that […]

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Support: SFC Scan Using Windows Powershell

An updated version of instructions on running SFC Scan (System File Checker). The only difference is when you “right-click” the Start Menu flag now, you slect “Windows Powershell (Admin)” instead of “Command Prompt. As part of Computroon Support (remote or telephone support), I may have directed you to this page to run the SFC scan. […]

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