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September, 2017

Support: Windows 10 Create Restore Point

Video Tutorial Level – EASY A FAQ we are getting just now relates to the big Windows 10 updates that are rolling out. I am often asked if it is safe to install. The answer is yes. However going forward, if there is a big update or any piece of software that you are about […]

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Support – Create Desktop Icon To A Page

Support – How To’s Level – Doesn’t Get Easier Than This. OK quick video tutorial. All we are doing here is creating a new Desktop Icon which will take you straight to a particular website. Step 1 – Go to the actual page that you want to shortcut to. Step 2 – Copy The URL […]

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We’ve Moved

This is an open letter to all of our retail customers over the years and explain the direction that I have decided to take the business. After almost 20 years trading in Portland Street, Computroon has now moved. Moved Where? I have moved away from retail to focus more on services. We have always been […]

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