Product Video Review – BT Halo

Product Review – BT Halo The new Halo is much more than a cordless phone. If you have poor mobile phone reception in your house or at your office, this could be the answer to your problems. The inclusion of Bluetooth technology means that you can avoid mobile signal dropouts as you walk around the house, all from the comfort …

Video Blog – W10 Tips – Arrow Shake & Snap

Another quick video blog update, as a follow up to our previous video on multiple desktops. Here we cover “Arrow Shake” and “Snap View”. If you regularly multitask on your computer, these tips are incredibly useful to keep your desktop organised.  

Video Blog – W10 Multiple Desktops

How to open / work on Multiple Desktops in Windows 10 This very quick video blog explains an under-utilised, but quite useful feature in Windows 10. Give it a go.            

Video Tutorial – How to Clear Hiberfil.sys Files In W10

Tutorial Level – Intermediate If you are running short of space on your C: Drive and are using a Solid State Drive, here is a way to clear some extra space. Hibersys files relate to the computer going into hibernation. If you do not use this feature and normally just shut down or restart then this is safe to disable. …