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October, 2016

Would You Like An Eavesdropping Robot For Christmas?

Amazon’s new Echo device has reignited the debate about data privacy. I’ll try and be careful how I word this post. The purpose is not to put you off buying one of these devices, instead to highlight the ongoing debate about Data Science. Firstly What Is It? Amazon have released a device called Echo. Google […]

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PC System Builder Console

Let me introduce the “PC Builder” system console which is now in operation in the shop. Building computers to specification isn’t a new service, in fact it has been the core service that we have offered since day 1. The benefit of having a computer built to your needs, requirements and budget means that you […]

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System Builds Without DVD As Standard

All desktop and gaming PCs that we sell are built onsite. The time has come to stop adding DVD drives to systems as standard. DVD drives can always be easily added to systems but now as an optional extra. This may come as a surprise to some, but unless you still burn CD’s to play […]

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How To Pick A New Password

Tips On Choosing A Strong Password Creating a password is all about encryption. In recent years encryption standards have risen. Which explains why most organisations insist on using at least 8 characters and some insist on including a capital letter. I won’t go too far into the differences between hexadecimal, AES 128 bit encryption etc. But here […]

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Yahoo Hack – What To Do Now?

Yahoo, BT and Sky Customers Advised To Attend To Security Now Following the high-profile Yahoo hack which has made news headlines, we have been inundated with calls about what to do next. The scale of the security breech is yet unknown as investigations continue but we can provide a few quick tips to users of […]

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