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August, 2016

Support: Printer Spooler Refresh

Computroon Support This post is part of our technical support and customer help resource archive. It is likely that you have been referred here for help. Print Spooler Refresher. What is this? If your print spooler settings and cache get into a mess or get clogged up this tool which can be downloaded from this page […]

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Team Computroon At Bullguard Raceday

Well it’s Bullguard Raceday down in Bedford. 3rd August 2016 Racing for Computroon we have sent Mark down to compete. Mark is on holiday this week, so as he is down visiting his family there, we have entered him into the Raceday with Bullguard. What they don’t realise is that Mark used to work for Formula 3000 when he […]

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Special – 16GB Nano Drive For In-Car Media

Quick special offer this week on 16GB Nano (Low Profile / Small Form Factor) USB Sticks. These are ideal for loading up your music for in-car audio systems that have USB ports. 16GB is enough space to store approx 4000 MP3 song. That’s around 333 albums. This week (until 12th Aug 2016) we have these […]

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