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April, 2016

One Drive Free Storage Changes

Tech News: Microsoft Announce One Drive Free Cloud Storage Limit To Change This week Microsoft has announced that it will lower the amount of free storage from 15GB down to 5GB. If you use more than this, charges will apply from July 27th 2016. This date is the same week that Windows 10 free upgrade offer […]

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Malware vs Ransomware

Ransomware is on the rise. This kind of virus has been around for a while but really hit the headlines around 2013 when the virus known as CryptoLocker infected computer systems around the world. Since then we have seen various copy-cat virus’s that act in the same way. What is Ransomware? Ransomware infects your computer […]

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Super Speed Your Laptop – SSD Upgrade

If the speed of your laptop is holding you back, there is one upgrade that will really unleash the power of your computer. In the old days of XP & Vista, the answer was usually just “add more RAM”. Now that SSD  (Solid State Drive) prices have finally dropped, upgrading your laptop hard drive makes too […]

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