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January, 2016

Solved: HP Laptop Audio Not Working With Headphones

Some models of HP laptops including HP ProBooks come preinstalled with a DTS audio control panel which has known glitches with Windows 10 if the computer has been upgraded from another operating system. Problem Summary The issue is that the inbuilt speakers work OK. But when connecting headphones in to the jack socket the audio […]

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Internet Explorer 9 End Of Life

Tech News & Support The life cycle support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) has ended. Microsoft ended update support for IE8, IE9 & IE10 on 12th January 2016. If you currently use any of these browsers we recommend downloading an alternative such as Opera, Chrome or Firefox. On the same date, support ended for Windows […]

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Windows 10 DVD Drive Missing

Help, Support & Tutorials A small glitch with Windows 10 that we are starting to see in the repair shop is that the DVD drive on computers seems to disappear. I am not yet sure of the cause of this but there is a quick fix. Click Start (the flag) and type Troubleshooting. Select Troubleshooting from the […]

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