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October, 2015

Support: Run SFC Scan Windows 10 (old method)

Customer Support How To Run SFC Scan in Windows 10 (These are the legacy instructions). For versions of Windows 10 1703 and beyond click here for instructions on updated post. Tutorial Level: Easy This post is part of our knowledge-base of help and support. You may have been referred here by our technicians. Step 1 […]

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TalkTalk Hack. How Might It Affect You?

The latest TalkTalk customer data hack is causing a lot of concern to many of our customers who use TalkTalk as an internet provider. Instead of writing another blog post about the precautions to take, I will simply refer users to this link from the BBC. If you are a TalkTalk customer, please take a few […]

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Fake Reviews On Consumer Sites

In the tech news this week is the story of Amazon suing over 1000 people for posting fake reviews on it’s site. False reviews criticising listed products are being removed and a lawsuit has been launched to take action against people that wrote them. So Can Web Reviews Be Trusted? There are overseas companies that write product […]

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Website Changes

Over the last week I have revamped our website again. The site is back up and running. The biggest change has been switching from an ecommerce site (online shopping site) back to basics. On the website the focus will be on services. I aim to build on the online help & support areas rather than […]

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