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September, 2015

Support: Handy Home Page On W10 Edge Browser

Computroon Support FAQ How to set our handy home page as your landing page when you open the new Edge web browser. Step 1 Copy URL below to your clipboard. (highlight the purple text, right click and “copy”) Step 2 Open the Edge browser and follow steps A, B, C & D as illustrated […]

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Tech News: BT Announce IPv6 Switch Over Date

Tech News – BT Announce IPv6 Dates BT have been testing IPv6 in specific areas of the UK and have this week announced that by the end of 2016 their whole network will be able to use the IPv6 system. Over the next 12 months there will likely be press coverage on this and your […]

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Stay Safe On Public Wifi

Quick Guide To Stay Safe On Public Wifi Most homes have ditched Ethernet cables and rely solely on Wireless connections for internet access. Most modern routers have very good security to ensure you have a secure connection. When we are so used to connecting to our secure networks at home, it’s easy to forget to […]

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Stocking Up For Christmas

Firstly – this is not a Christmas advert! In the shop we mostly sell brand new systems and laptops, however we also offer refurbished laptops. The demand seems to be growing for refurbished laptops, particularly around the “back to school” times of the year and also on the run up to Christmas. The recent “back […]

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Wifi Sense – Windows 10 Security Risks?

Wifi Sense, what’s sensible about sharing your Wifi Password? There is a new feature built into Windows 10 (this also applies to Windows Phones) called Wifi Sense. The first time you connect to a wireless network, a message pops up suggesting that you enable “Wifi Sense”. What it doesn’t do is explain what is¬†involved and […]

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