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July, 2015

Windows 10 Tips – Tip 01 Create Recovery Media

W10 Upgrade – Tip 01 Create Recovery Media Less than a week to go before Microsoft roll out Windows 10. Taking the free upgrade? Not decided yet? Here’s our first tip before taking the update… Create Recovery Media. Press Start, then simply type the word “recovery” and launch the built in Recovery Media Creator software. […]

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Refurbished vs Second Hand Laptops

Back To School Time This is the time that a lot of parents are looking at picking up a second hand laptop for kids to use as a homework machine for the new term. Refurbished vs Second Hand Laptops On this post I want to run over the pros and cons of buying a refurbished laptop […]

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Support: How To Batch Rename Files in Windows

Support: Tutorial Level – Easy On this support tutorial we cover batch-renaming files. This may be used to organise your photo archive or music collection. If your collection of digital photos is growing in size but is not organised in anyway, this is a great tool for bulk-editing file names for quick indexing and future […]

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