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April, 2015

Ultimate Laptop Upgrade

Now you can have the speed and power saving benefits of Solid State Drive in your laptop without compromising on storage space! There is a new product on the market that allows adding a Solid State Drive (SSD) to your laptop. The idea is simple. Instead of replacing your existing Hard Drive for a Solid […]

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Tech News: Windows 10 Release Brought Forward

Windows 10 July 2015 Launch The release of Windows 10, Microsoft’s new operating system could be earlier than expected.  There has been no official launch date announced yet but Microsoft have always hinted at “towards the end on 2015”. Previous systems Windows 7 & Windows 8 being released in October in order to satisfy demand […]

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Tech News: Beebone Virus Deactivated

Tech News: The so-called “Beebone” malware bug has now been brought under control according to Europe’s Cybercrime Centre. The malware which reinvented itself continuously to avoid detection by anti-virus programs has been causing havoc since late 2014. The virus was an extremely sophisticated code that would disguise itself and reinstall itself under a different signature up to […]

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