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January, 2015

Bullguard Price Increase

At Computroon we have sold Bullguard Internet Security at the same price for quite a few years now. We have stuck with the price of £25 for the full 1 year license that covers 3 PCs. Over the past few years as the cost price has risen we have stuck with the original price of £25 […]

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Computroon Website Over The Past 16 Years

Computroon Website Over The Past 16 Years The website for the shop has been upgraded again. Here we take a look back at some previous layouts over the years. When viewing these it reminds me how important it is to keep reinventing the site to keep in-line with current trends and technologies. In 16 years, […]

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Computroon Website Upgrade is LIVE!

Since 1999 our website has seen many different transformations. The latest version of our site went live tonight (Monday 27th Jan). So after quite a few late nights (weeks) working on the code and testing the new site on a secure server, I finally decided to publish tonight. There will be a few changes over the […]

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New Malware Alert – BoBrowser

The BoBrowser piece of Malware has spread quite rapidly over the last few weeks. This is classed as Adware and works by hijacking your internet browser and delivering endless adverts to you.  The difference between this and the typical Block & Surf & 24/7 Help types of adware, this seems to completely replace your browser. […]

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Shop News: New Website Not Far Away

Shop News: Our Blog posts have been fairly quiet over the last few weeks as I have been busy redeveloping the main shopping site for Computroon. A long overdue website refresh is on the way so I have been working on the code for the new site which is almost ready. I’ll post an update […]

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Support: Remove Credit Card From iTunes

FAQ: How to remove a debit or credit card from your iTunes account. A common scenario may be that you wish to allow kids to download free apps on an iPod or iPad but want to lock up “in-app purchases” or prevent “paid for” apps from being downloaded. Here are the steps to remove your […]

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End of the line for traditional telephones?

A Quick Guide To VoIP Telephones VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is not a new technology. In fact it has been around since the 1970’s. However a growing number of business’s have cut costs by switching from a traditional land-line telephone system over to VoIP.  An increasing number of home users are opting out of the […]

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