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November, 2014

Support: How To Create W8 Recovery Drive

How To Create A Recovery Drive For Windows 8.1 Tutorial Level: Easy If you have a Windows 8 / 8.1 laptop, it is worth creating a system recovery drive to keep safe in case your system ever fails.  All you will need is a spare USB pen drive. Windows will tell you what size the […]

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Computroon on Facebook

I am often asked why Computroon doesn’t have a Facebook page. For the past few years I have looked at the pros & cons of adding a Facebook page for the shop. The main reason for holding back was due to search engine optimization (SEO).  But times are changing and the way that users access information […]

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Support: How To Password Protect A USB Drive

FAQ: How can I protect the data on a USB stick? Support Tutorial Level – Basic Misplacing or losing a USB memory stick isn’t the end of the world, but if there is personal or sensitive information on the drive then that can obviously be a real concern.  On this support tutorial I will explain […]

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Upgrade Your Computer With An SSD

SSD’s (Solid State Drives) have come right down in price over the last couple of years. More and more of our customers are opting to have these installed in new build PC’s. Furthermore I am seeing an increased amount of laptop upgrades with customers opting to go to SSD rather than the more traditional way of […]

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Troon Wintertainment Photos 2014

Here are the photos of the big Christmas Lights switch on in Troon at Wintertainment 2014. Now don’t confuse this gallery with the street lights outside. This is for Computroon Christmas lights. If you have reached this page looking for pictures of the parade or the Gala Queen & Provost switching on the lights on the […]

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News: Computroon Christmas Lights On Today

Today (Sunday 16th Nov 2014) the Computroon Christmas lights will be switched on. Now I don’t want to steal the “Troon lights” thunder but our lights will be going on about 2.30pm. Photos to follow this afternoon. Have a good day at Wintertainment if you are attending any of the events in town today.  

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Support: Office 2013 – Download the ISO

This post is to advise that if you purchase Microsoft Office 2013, which is available from Microsoft Store, when downloading the install files to also download the “Backup to Disc” file. I have had one or two cases of customers having to purchase Office again after failing to download a backup of the install files for […]

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Support: Create Address Labels Using Mail Merge

Support Tutorial: Tutorial Level Intermediate It’s that time of year again when many of you are preparing to print out your address labels for Christmas cards. At Computroon we stock various Avery sized labels. If you have never used the “Mail Merge” database feed built into your Office suite then it can appear quite daunting […]

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Wintertainment 2014 Troon Update

Here is the information for Wintertainment in Troon for 2014. Wintertainment will take place on Sunday, 16th November 2014 Troon Community Council have announced that the day will start with the arrival of Santa at 11.45am at the Titchfield Road Car Park. (Along at the end of the beach where the old swimming pool was). The […]

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