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October, 2014

Support: Windows 8.1 Start Screen Background

Tutorial Level – Easy Here are the simple steps to make your Windows 8.1 Start Screen background the same as your main Desktop wallpaper. First be sure you have an image that you are happy with to use as your Desktop Background. Here’s How To Set The Initial Desktop Backround           […]

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Reasons To Install In-Car Camera

In-Car Journey Recorder Cams are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. In some countries insurance companies insist you have one installed. Here, thousands of drivers have already installed a dashboard cam.  Over the past 12 months I have seen an increased demand for SD cards with high capacity & speed such as 32GB & 64GB […]

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Wintertainment 2014 in Troon

The date has been set for this year’s Annual Wintertainment event in Troon. Sunday 16th November 2014. (Click here for an updated post with details and information on Santa & the Parade) A full programme of events will be delivered to every household in the Troon area soon. Details will include the big switch-on of […]

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Tech News: Windows 10 Review

Earlier in the week Microsoft released the Beta (test version) of Windows 10 for technical preview. As Computroon has been a member of the Microsoft Partner program for many years, this allows us to test new software up to 12 months ahead of general release. I’ve been running Windows 10 on a display machine in […]

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Tech News: Windows 10 Pricing

Microsoft have yet to disclose the pricing of it’s new OS (Operating System) Windows 10 following the technical preview release earlier this week. However there are rumours within the channel that the update / upgrade will be free to users of Windows 7 & 8. Microsoft seem to be keen to moving as many of […]

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Tech News: Windows 10 Announced

Yesterday Microsoft announced that their new operating system, Windows 10 will be released late 2015. So here comes the question that I expect I’ll be asked in the shop more than a few times over the next year or so… “What happened to Windows 9”? The answer seems to be down to marketing from what […]

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