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September, 2014

Tech News: Time To Call Last Orders On Windows 7

Windows 7 will soon end it’s retail and OEM shelf-life.   Up until now we have been able to offer a choice of operating system for new build desktops. Either Windows 7 or Windows 8. However from the end of October 2014 this will no longer be an option as Microsoft have called time on […]

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Support: Extend My Laptop’s Battery Life

Here are a few basic tips to maintaining the lifespan of your laptop battery and maximising usage when it is required. If your laptop is a few years old and the battery has not been maintained, there may be no way to revive it. Maintain Lifespan If you mostly use your laptop in the same place […]

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Tutorial: Get The Exact Time Using Atomic Clock

Support: Tutorial Level – Basic Here is how to sync your computer’s date and time with the Atomic Clock to ensure that your system’s clock is accurate to the split second. There is a tool within Windows that allows you to sync your computer with an internet time server. I won’t go into too much […]

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Virgin Media Takeover Smallworld

This week sees the final stages of the Virgin Media / Smallworld Cable takeover in the area. (You may have noticed the Virgin Media vans in town). Smallworld customers in town this week have their routers switched to the new Virgin Media Hubs. Hopefully if you are one of these customers, the switch-over has gone without any […]

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Live At Troon

A busy weekend in the town expected. Good luck to the organisers of Live At Troon 2014 this weekend. (5th – 7th September 2014) For a full program of events visit the Live At Troon website by clicking here.  

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