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August, 2014

In Stock: Epson Daisy Compatible Inks

We carry most compatible cartridges for the Epson range of printers. However the current Epson cartridge range known as the “Daisy” cartridges (Epson 18) have had known issues. We withdrew the entire line of Jetplay Daisy compatibles as soon as we became aware of an issue.  The problem appeared to be that the printer would […]

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Support: DVD CD Disc Burning Software

Burning software. Once apon a time disc burning was big business. High speed digital downloads and cloud storage have spelt the beginning of the end for the optical disc format. Heading the same way as vinyl records or film for your camera. Notebook (laptop) computers are being manufactured now without optical drives included.  However there is […]

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Shop News: All Stock Price Reduction!

Everything is coming down in price!  From next month we will be reducing all prices of all stock. This has nothing to do with stock clearance however – simply preparing for the new 5p plastic bag levy (tax) being introduced in Scotland in October. Sorry if the post headline was misleading – but there will […]

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Scam Alert: Microsoft Telephone Scam New Angle

The so called “Microsoft Telephone Scam” has been in operation for a few years now. Many of you will be familiar with this phishing scam, you or your friends or family may have fallen victim to this scam. What is it? Firstly – it is nothing to do with Microsoft (or any other reputable IT […]

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Support: Alternative to iTunes

If you have an Apple device, whether it be an iPod, iPhone or iPad and use iTunes to transfer music, photos and data between your device and computer. You will be familiar with the headaches that comes with using iTunes software. Here is an alternative: CopyTrans (download from this site link) Perhaps you want to […]

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CCTV Home Security Using Your Webcam – Tutorial

Create a CCTV system to monitor your home or office using the equipment that you probably already have. A post appeared in the internet news feeds this week about a burglar who broke into someone’s home and was caught on surveillance cameras.  Here is the link to the article “Caught in the act: Dopey burglar […]

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Support: Liquid Spillage On A Laptop – What To Do

Support: Liquid Spillage On A Laptop – What To Do If you spill a drink on your laptop, your immediate response will determine if it ever works again or whether the damage is permanent. 1. Unplug the DC mains charger plug from the laptop to isolate it. 2. Press and hold the power button to kill the […]

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