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July, 2014

Support: Remove User Password In Windows 7 or Vista

Tutorial Level: Basic. How to remove your Windows 7 or Windows Vista user account password. The one that you may have to enter every time you switch on your computer. If you need to restrict access to your computer, perhaps it is used in a public place or for parental control purposes then it might be […]

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Inkjet Printers vs Laser Printers

I’m going to try and keep this post simple. Pointing out some of the pro’s and cons of inkjet printers vs laser printers. Laser printers are coming down in price. So for the first time there is a decision to make – laser or inkjet. First thing: What type of things are you going to […]

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Support: Is My Computer Too Hot? Speccy

Support: Check If Your Computer Is Overheating This article applies to both laptop and desktop computers. The Cooler The Computer Runs = The Faster It Runs! This is a basic principal of computer maintenance. The hotter the cores get, the slower the computer will become. With laptop computers it is often easier to notice that […]

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Support: Windows 8 – Desktop Version Of Skype

Windows 8 / 8.1 comes with Skype pre-installed. However it is the full screen app version of Skype. I recommend using the desktop version of Skype. This can be downloaded from Look for “Get Skype” and “Get Skype For Windows Desktop” During installation you may want to untick things like: Launch Skype on startup Install Click […]

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Support: Take A Screenshot Of Your Screen

Tutorial: Level – Basic In this basic tutorial we will be taking a screenshot (a snap shot) of what is on your screen. This may come in handy when troubleshooting problems on your computer. You can capture and save / print anything that is on your screen. OK the method we will use here incorporates the […]

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Support: Windows 8.1 Update Check

Here is a quick way to check you have the latest updates for Windows 8.   If you see the power icon on your Start Screen as highlighted then you have the latest version of Windows 8.1 If not, I recommend running Windows Updates, then taking the 8.1 Upgrade from the Store tile.    

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Support: Detach Your Email Login From Windows 8.1

Support Tutorial Detach Your Email Login From Windows 8.1 Windows  8.1 will at some point ask you to add a “Microsoft Account” to your user account if you haven’t already done so.  There are many benefits from doing so but some users prefer to switch on their computers without a password and not be automatically […]

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