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Welcome to Computroon Repair Centre

All types of PC & laptop repairs carried out in the workshop within our shop.

For over 17 years Computroon has provided computer support and repair work for home & business computers in and around the Troon area, with regular customers all across Ayrshire and beyond.

Our repair workshop is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic and testing tools enabling our technicians to accurately pinpoint any hardware faults with PCs and laptops.

Repair Prices

At Computroon we do not charge an hourly rate to repair your computer. There will be no surprises about the cost of the repair. If we are unable to fix your computer within the  repair cost of £40, (£33.33 + VAT) we will call you to agree a fixed rate before carrying out any work. The £40 repair covers the vast majority of jobs.

Advantages Of Using Reputable Repair Shop

• We are VAT registered and provide VAT receipts with all repairs. Prices listed and agreed are all inclusive of VAT.

• Data Protection. Confidentiality and the protection of your personal data is of paramount importance to us. This is something that we take very seriously. Often we have to backup customer’s data to a temporary secure system while formatting computers. Once the data has been successfully transferred back to the host machine, we have procedures of electronically shredding the information from our system.

• Insurance claims. As a reputable and established trader we often provide damage assessment reports required by insurance companies if you need to make a claim on your home insurance for accidental damage to laptops.

Repairs We Regularly Carry Out

laptop repairs ayrshire• Format

This involves reinstalling Windows® back onto your computer and installing all Windows Updates and drivers back onto the machine. We can also back up your data including pictures, music and files before formatting the machine.

• Hardware Replacement

If a hardware fault occurs, we can supply and install any part which has failed. For example hard drives, optical drives, power supplies and motherboards.

• Data Recovery

Losing your entire data due to a malfunction with a hard drive or other storage media happens too often. We use various methods of recovering lost data from either hard drives or flash media.

• Screen Replacement

If you have cracked the screen on your laptop or netbook we can supply and install a brand new screen. We have a stock of brand new 15.6″ LED screens so can usually change this within the same day.

• Upgrades

These include memory upgrades to increase the RAM speed of your computer. Hard drive, Solid State Drive and graphics upgrades.

• Network Support

For network and internet setups, usually a home or work call out is required to configure your LAN or wireless network.

• Virus Removal

This really is our specialist area. There are many types of virus and malware infections. Unless the correct method is used to remove them, they may still be present on your computer. We are so familiar with these that most virus removal repairs go through as a basic repair and we can usually have your computer back out to you the same or following day.

• Telephone Scam Recovery

The Telephone Scams are “phishing scams” which often involves the caller claiming to be from Microsoft or claiming to be your internet provider and offering technical support over the phone. Victims of these scams are directed to a website which installs malicious software and remote access software onto their computers. Our advice is to hang up the phone immediately. If you have fallen victim to this type of scam it is advised to have your computer checked to have the harmful or remote access software removed completely from your computer.

Repairs We No Longer Carry Out

• XP & Vista Repairs

In April 2014, Microsoft finally called time on Windows XP. In April 2017 time was also up for Windows Vista. These systems are considered obsolete. There are no more updates or new browser certificates available. These systems become “sitting ducks” for malware infections. The £40 basic repair cost to fix one of these older computers usually outweighs the actual value of the unit.

• Printer Repairs

Unfortunately the cost of repairing a printer these days usually exceeds the value of the printer. We therefore no longer carry out printer repairs. We recommend contacting the manufacturer for support to find out where the nearest printer repair centre is for that company.

Contact Us

Please contact us via the Contacts Page on this website… or call 01292 319950 for any information regarding repairs and services.