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Refurbished Laptops

As well as selling brand new laptops, we always have a stock of refurbished laptops.

These may be ideal as homework machines for the kids or to be used in a workplace environment where there is a risk of damage to the machine, therefore a brand new computer may not be ideal.
Refurbished laptops are an ideal choice for many reasons. There are always great deals on second hand computers.

Growing Demand

Such is the demand for refurbs, we don’t usually get a chance to list them on the website. The laptops come in. We get to work on them. Replace any parts that don’t pass our bench tests. By the time we have finished work restoring them to full like-new state someone has their name down to buy it.

Cash For Unwanted Laptops

If you have an unused or unwanted laptop, turning it into cash is as easy as…

• A)  Bring the laptop into the shop (along with the power charger if you have it).

• B)  We will log the computer in for a hardware health check to determine it’s value. These tests can take around 3 hours.

• C)  We will make you an offer for the computer. This is a free no obligation valuation. If you decide not to sell the unit to us, there is no harm done, you take it away again.

Photo ID

All the refurbished computers that we buy have their serial numbers logged. If you decide to accept our offer – we require you to bring photo ID with you.

What We Buy

Laptops with Windows 7 or later operating systems.

The condition: Don’t worry whether the screen is smashed, keys are missing or if it doesn’t boot up. Obviously we wouldn’t resell a computer in that state but there may be value in parts.

What We Do Not Buy

If the serial number (often under the battery) is unreadable or has been tampered with at all – we will not buy it.

Windows XP machines. Laptops with Windows XP have no value.

HP DV2000, DV6000 or DV9000 series. Dell 5010, 5030 series with beep codes. There are known faults with these models therefore we couldn’t resell as we’d be unable to offer any warranty.

Windows Vista computers may still have value for the parts.


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