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Gaming PC’s

Gaming PC’s

All computer systems are built to order. Here is just one example of a typical gaming PC. Gaming PC’s are built to meet your specifications and budget.

Built To Specification

It is impossible to put a price on a gaming PC. Every system we build is different. Component prices are up and down all the time.

If you are thinking about a new gaming PC the best thing to do is come in and discuss it with us.

There are gaming machines being advertised on the internet at under £400. It is worth pointing out that these are not what we consider “gaming PC’s”. Unless the games you intend to play are Minecraft & Solitaire.

Matching Up Components

There is so much to consider when building a PC that is intended for gaming. Getting the right parts to marry-up and compliment each other without creating a bottleneck or overload is key to creating the best high-end PC systems.

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