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Telephone Scam Alert – Sky TV

The telephone scams which appear to be run from South-East Asia have evolved into many different forms. The latest that we are hearing from our customers seem to be moving away from the usual “This is Microsoft calling”, or “this is TalkTalk” claiming to fix problems with your computer or internet. In the shop we […]

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Coaxial Extension Cables Made To Order

If you need to move your Virgin Media internet router or your Sky TV box, let us save you the trouble of making coaxial extension leads or buying pre-made leads and having to roll up the excess cable that is left over. Simply measure out the distance in metres and we will make the correct size […]

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Video Tutorial – Zoom Internet Browser

What to do if your internet browser opens enlarged (zoomed-in). This video tutorial is really as basic as it gets. Every week we have customers bringing their computer in to be repaired when it doesn’t actually need fixed. The problem is that the web browser has zoomed in (or out) and cannot be read. Once […]

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BBC Reports On Telephone Scam Call Centres

The BBC this week published a “behind the scenes” report from the telephone call centres in South East Asia responsible for the increasing problem of telephone scams. The report focuses on TalkTalk customers being scammed which I think is a little unfair on TalkTalk as this problem is far greater. In the shop every other […]

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Video Blog – Fake Microsoft Virus Scam

The Fake Microsoft Virus Scam This old chestnut is doing the rounds again and we are seeing an increase in users falling victim to this scam. The original scam basically involved scammers calling you up pretending to be Microsoft, taking control of your computer and implanting malware and locking you out until you make payment […]

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Video Blog: How We Destroy Old Hard Drives

Here’s a video blog of how we securely destroy your old Hard Drives before disposing of them. Every week, once we have transferred data from old computers and laptops onto new computers, I get asked to securely dispose of the old drives. This Is How We Securely Dispose Of Your Old Hard Drive This is a little “behind […]

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Register Your Tech With The Police

Got A New Laptop At Christmas? Did you know that you can register your belongings with the NMPR (National Mobile Property Register)? Register Yourself As Owner Of Your Tech In the event of your property being lost or stolen, there is a national police database which allows officers to identify items as belonging to you. This is […]

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