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Quick Tips – W10 Calculator

Quick Tips The aim of Quick Tips is to highlight features within Windows 10 that you may not have discovered. Today we look at the calculator. Let’s not get over excited about a calculator but this is now a handy little desktop utility which is worthy of pinning to your taskbar. The calculator can now […]

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Get More Out Of Your PC

This blog post is an introduction to a new feature I am running called “Get More Out Of Your PC”. Before we had Facebook, computers were used for so much more. They were used for productive things. They were used for designing things, calculating, organising, producing, learning. Computers are now more advanced and generally more […]

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How to Force Load Windows Update

Using the Windows Upgrade Assistant will force load the latest build / version of Windows 10 into your system. Why do this? I have had a few enquiries with some premium internet security software programs displaying messages saying that updates are pending our out of date. I’ve also noticed that some Windows 10 computers coming […]

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Support: Display Stretched After Windows 10 Update

Had a few calls over the last week about the screen / display on some computers appearing stretched following completion of a Windows Update. Some fixes to try. Run Windows Update again and restart. Run Windows Update Assistant. Here’s the link to the direct version. If these don’t fix the issues, roll back your graphics […]

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Seasonal Tip – Reduce Junk Mail

Here’s a quick tip to cut down on the amount of junk mail that you may be receiving this week: Add these word combinations to blocked words in subjects of emails: “Black Friday” “Cyber Monday” Boom – you’ve just saved yourself the time of manually deleted all these emails 3 times a day for the […]

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Support: Windows 10 Create Restore Point

Video Tutorial Level – EASY A FAQ we are getting just now relates to the big Windows 10 updates that are rolling out. I am often asked if it is safe to install. The answer is yes. However going forward, if there is a big update or any piece of software that you are about […]

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Support – Create Desktop Icon To A Page

Support – How To’s Level – Doesn’t Get Easier Than This. OK quick video tutorial. All we are doing here is creating a new Desktop Icon which will take you straight to a particular website. Step 1 – Go to the actual page that you want to shortcut to. Step 2 – Copy The URL […]

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We’ve Moved

This is an open letter to all of our retail customers over the years and explain the direction that I have decided to take the business. After almost 20 years trading in Portland Street, Computroon has now moved. Moved Where? I have moved away from retail to focus more on services. We have always been […]

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Glasgow Taxis Outing to Troon 2017

This year’s date for the trip is Wednesday 21 June 2017 It’s almost that time again to welcome the Glasgow Taxis to Troon. This year (2017) will be the 72nd year as this annual trip has run since 1945. The Route The taxis will leave Kelvin Way in Glasgow (just behindĀ Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum), […]

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