Computer Shop In Troon – Laptop Sales & Repairs



Welcome to Computroon. PC and Laptop shop in Troon, Ayrshire.

We carry a large stock of PC systems, laptops, hardware, ink cartridges, monitors, wireless network equipment , home telephones and PC accessories.


Computer Repair Service. We carry out all types of PC & laptop repairs in our fully equipped workshop. More information about repair services.

Computer & Laptop Sales

w10_systtWe build PC systems to meet your requirements and budget. From entry-level PC’s for home use to high spec gaming systems or professional workplace computers.

With our brand new laptops we have preferred brands that we tend to stick with. Brand new laptops range from £250 up to £950 depending on the level of computer that you decide on.

Contact us with any enquiries about current stock. Or come into the shop to discuss what computer might suit you best.


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